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NG80-movable glass wall

Movable Glass Wall,Top hung  with rail on the floor,The wall panel is position by floor bolt.

NeuwallX' Operable Glass Wall-Model NG80 -Top hung  with rail on the floor,The wall panel is position by floor bolt.


An operable glass wall, also known as a movable glass wall or glass partition system, is a versatile architectural feature that offers flexibility in space utilization while maintaining transparency and aesthetics. This type of wall is designed to divide or open up interior spaces according to the specific needs of the environment.

Here's a detailed description of an operable glass wall:

1.Construction: Operable glass walls typically consist of individual glass panels that are framed with aluminum or steel profiles. The panels can be frameless for a seamless look or framed for added structural support and insulation.

2.Operability: The key feature of operable glass walls is their ability to slide, fold, or pivot to create open or closed spaces as desired. This flexibility allows for easy adaptation to changing spatial requirements, enabling users to optimize space utilization and flow.

3.Mechanism: The movement mechanism varies depending on the design and configuration of the glass wall system. It may utilize tracks, hinges, rollers, or pivot points to facilitate smooth and effortless operation.

4.Sound Insulation: Some operable glass wall systems incorporate sound-insulating materials or seals to minimize noise transmission between divided spaces when the wall is closed. This feature is particularly important in environments where acoustic privacy is required, such as conference rooms or offices.

5.Integration with Building Systems: Operable glass walls can be integrated with building automation systems, allowing for remote operation and control via sensors, switches, or mobile apps. This enhances convenience and usability while optimizing energy efficiency.

6.Aesthetic Options: Operable glass walls come in various designs, finishes, and glass types to complement different architectural styles and interior aesthetics. Options may include clear, frosted, tinted, or decorative glass, as well as custom finishes for frames and hardware.

7.Safety Features: To ensure user safety, operable glass walls may incorporate safety sensors or mechanisms to prevent collisions, pinching, or entrapment during operation. Tempered or laminated glass is often used to enhance durability and reduce the risk of breakage.

Overall, operable glass walls offer a seamless blend of functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability, making them ideal for creating dynamic and visually striking interior spaces in commercial, residential, and institutional settings.