Operable Glass Wall

Movable Glass Wall,top support without the rail on the floor, each wall panel is positioned by top&bottom retractable seal bring excellent air tightness and soundproof.


Product Overview

Operable Glass Wall

Meet the GlassWall with superior soundproof performance.Neuwall GlassWall is the innovative model of operable glass wall systems offering

 excellent sound control with sound ratings up to 46 STC. This system combines Heavy-duty steel-gusseted aluminum inner frames reinforced 

with full height with a two inch insulated glass unit to achieve optimal acoustic performance while allowing natural light to enter the interior

 spaces. Ideal for convention centers, offices and educational facilities. Our GlassWall brings transparency and quietness into a space to ensure 

a pleasant, light transparency and quietness into a space to ensure a pleasant, light.

  • General Description:Top hung to ceiling system, Sound Reducing toughened glazed glass inlaid in aluminium framework

  • Framework:Heavy-duty steel-gusseted aluminum inner frames reinforced with full height.

  • Glazed Module:6mm+12A+6mm  toughened safety glass inlaid in aluminium framework.

  • Panel Joint:Male and Female Profile.

  • Height:Up to 4000mm(13'1-1/2")

  • Module:700mm-1200mm width.

  • Finish Color:Satin anodised or polyester powder coating to all exposed aluminium components available in a wide range of colours as standard.

Operable Glass Wall


  • Top&bottom retractable seal,No floor tracks means no debris accumulation, tripping hazards or usable space interference

  • For openings up to 13'1-1/2"[4m] high and unlimited width.Lab-proven soundproof leading 44 STC sound control

  • Welded steel and aluminum construction with dual laminated tempered glass for excellent durability and rigidity

  • Fast and easy waist-high operationAbility to create curved walls

  • Panel OPTIONS -Both single and paired panels,Hinged closure panels,ADA pass door with optional panic door push bar

  • Custom colors 

  • GLASS OPTIONS-Translucent & Frost

  • Field-applied customgraphics (painted, murals,decals, glass treatments)

How Our Product Works



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